Accommodations Rate per week
1 Bedroom Little Pelican
2 Bedroom Little Pelican
3 Bedroom
Two Pelican and Little Pelican
4 Bedrooms
Two Pelican and Little Pelican
5 bedrooms
Two Pelican and Little Pelican
Management fee of 15% is NOT included in the above rates
Christmas and New Years ADD 15% for each week

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Other Considerations and Services
Treat yourself to
Our Cook
Will prepare all your meals
Shop with you or for you
Enjoy great Jamaican cuisine Bring your favorite recipes
Up to 4 guests $300/week + gratuity
5-10 guests 600/week+gratuity
Required for children under 6 Your kids will love the attention and you can relax knowing they are in great hands
$150/week + gratuity
Limo to Villa
2 people $ 60 each way
up to 4 people $100 each way
or have our driver drive you in your rental car. $225/week
OR Utilize our station wagon and driver $550.00 per week
Travel checklist
is available for your information
Phone,Fax & Internet Access
For Reservations and more information
DVD Player..
Bring your favorites
Color Televison
Video Tape Recorder
Sorry we are not wheel chair accessible.