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The goal of The Jamaica Organization for Youth (J.O.Y.) is to give opportunities to the needy children of Jamaica by providing them with technology and encouraging its use in schools and community centers.


Gloom and greif at Whitehouse in Westmoreland 9 Fisherfolk went missing at Pedro Banks after the passage of Storm Chantal to the South of Jamaica 18th-19th of August. Some 30 children left fatherless! A Trust Fund Launched for the Maintenance Education and advancement of children at Union Bank Sav-la-mar N0.0081010151475. Please write to us about how you can help.(posted 8-30-01)

By utilizing the resources and cooperation of our corporate and individual sponsors, J.O.Y.

J.O.Y. is represented by individuals who live all around the world and who share a special love for Jamaica. Members’ efforts are coordinated by communicating over the World Wide Web (internet) through the high tech route of eMail and IRC meetings.

One object of Rotary International, the well known international service organization, is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. The ultimate goal is to increase the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. The Rotary clubs of Olney, Maryland, and Sav-la-Mar, Jamaica, enthusiastically support the work being done by J.O.Y. These clubs have provided ground transportation, funds and customs clearance support. Needy schools have been encouraged to make their desires for technology known to their local clubs so that J.O.Y. can help supply technology to them. Rotary, a 501 (C) (3) organization, provides J.O.Y. local representation in communities throughout the island as well as a means of obtaining donations worldwide. Please contact us to arrange equipment donations or send monetary donations to Rotary Club of Olney, PO Box 104, Olney, MD 20832.

The Lazarus Foundation was founded in 1993 with the initial intent of refurbishing used computers and giving them to the needy in its geographic area. Within a few years, its mission was expanded to include teaching the recipients how to set up and use these computers. Lazarus is now teaching the art of computer refurbishing. This generous organization has supplied many computer systems and repair parts for J.O.Y., as well as sharing their system of technology refurbishing.

J.O.Y. has already completed the shipment of over 4000 pounds of computers to Jamaica with the help of Air Jamaica and American Airlines. Without the continued support of these airlines, our efforts would not be realized. Air Jamaica provided us with a large discount on the cost of cargo. Funds for the discount rate were provided by the Olney Rotary Club in continuation of their extraordinary support of this project. American Airlines provided J.O.Y. with totally FREE shipping and again the Olney Rotary Club provided ground transportation costs and vehicles. The Sav-la-mar Rotary Club is the Jamaica connection for J.O.Y., clearing shipments, transporting, storing and keeping the communities informed of opportunities to obtain a computer.

These shipments represent the combined efforts of our partners, a world-wide network of dedicated volunteers, committed corporate sponsors and ordinary folks who share our joy in providing technology to the needy children of Jamaica. A special thanks to Country Casual Outdoor Furniture" and Keller Graduate School of Management. Country Casual has provided us with warehouse and work space in Gaithersberg, Maryland. This has allowed us to continue collecting and storing computer equipment. Keller has donated pentium computer systems to the project which will help equip the higher grade levels.

We have collected, checked out, repaired, transported, packed, stored, shipped and cleared computers which are now in the process of undergoing quality control procedures. Basic training in computer use and maintenance will be provided to the recipients.

JOY maintains a list of schools in Jamaica which you might want to visit. Some rural schools in Westmoreland which are scheduled to receive or already have received computers from the current shipment are Grange Hill Comprehensive High School, Mearnsville All Age, Unity All Age, Bluefields All Age, Kings All Age School, New Hope Junior School, Basic School Resource Center, School of Hope (Handicap). In Hanover, Cove Allage School, Cousins Cove and in St. Elizabeth, Accompong All Age.

In the winter 97/98, J.O.Y. established a refurbishing laboratory to support the continuing effort of introducing this badly needed technology into the curriculum of Jamaican schools.

Each step has brought us closer to creating a means of getting computers into needy schools. Contacts are hard to find and money is scarce. We have many more computers that we want to ship to Jamaica. Even with the help of volunteers and the donation of computer equipment, we still have many operating expenses. Individual equipment donations and contributions to the Olney Rotary Club are generally tax-deductible at their fair market value. Corporate donations are generally set according to the basis of the asset being donated. However, you should check with your tax advisor to determine the correct amount of the deduction. The IRS Code places the responsibility for determining fair market value upon the donor rather than the organization receiving the gift.

If you share this special love for Jamaica, we ask your support in accomplishing our goal.


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updated 26 May 99