Let us answer some of the most common questions we get from visitors and guests.

Is it safe to travel now?

Yes. Where you will be staying and with the personal attention each guest is provided you can be assured your stay will be safe and secure.

How far from the airport?

We pick you up at Sangster International in Montego Bay and Dread watches over you like a hawk until you leave. There is another airport in the capital, Kingston, but that is 3+ hours from Bluefields and we only provide transfers from the Montego Bay Airport.

How many can accommodate?

10 bodies (alive of course) spread across both Villas. 6 people could technically stay in Two Pelican and 4 in Little Pelican. Although we think 6-8 is the perfect mix, family or couples.

Is there WiFI?

Of course! DSL connectivity only though. We have connectivity in both Villas. Direct TV and local TV in Two Pelican Villa only.

Do you have customer service?

If you call Dread customer service. Yes, we have a help center located in Brookeville, Maryland USA. Call them and maybe they will answer. Use the Contact Us page for your reference.

Can I use US dollars?

Yes US Dollars are accepted. Check the rates before you use them in certain places. It is recommended to get some Jamaican dollars. Remember the exchange rate is sometimes 120 JA to 1 US so don't be alarmed about a $250 Red Stripe. Just smile and pay the lady.

Is there shopping close to the Villas?

If your interested in local crafts and cool Jamaican art then Belmont (the home of great Peter Tosh) is 5 minutes away.

 Just 15 minutes east is Whitehouse where you can shop for local fish, hardware stores, phone cards etc. In the other direction 20 minutes along the coast is town of Sav La Mar. You can shop for house goods, paint, groceries, personal items, drivers license, just about anything you need you can get for a price.

Is there a medical facility or hospital close in case of need?

There is a number of local doctors in Whitehouse and in Savannah La Mar. There is the "tourists" hospital in Montego Bay which is one hour away. Minor medical attention like scrapes, burns and bumps can be addressed locally or by Dr. Dread. Other more serious issues can be addressed and dealt with as necessary. For any serious issues it is advised to get the next plane home.

Do we need to bring beach towels?

No we will supply you with typical room linens and beach towels as required for the number of guests visiting.

Can I use my cell phone in Bluefields Bay, Jamaica?

In most cases, you can use your cell phone Bluefields Bay. Since we offer WiFi at the house and many locations offer free WiFi we recommend installing and using   WHATSAPP while in Jamaica. Encourage your contacts or family back at home to also use WHATSAPP and save money on data and roaming charges.

Are there beaches close by besides Negril?

Yes. In fact we are within 1 mile of one of the nicest white sand beaches on the island.

 Bluefields Beach is a great place to visit Monday through Friday. On weekends it gets crowded with the locals. Pack a bag, bring a cooler, a chair and a lighter and chill out on one of the most private places on earth.

When do we need to schedule desired excursions?

Since some excursions can be weather-dependent such as Pelican Bar, we suggest that you schedule excursions upon arrival once you meet with Jah Rasta who will verify the best timing for your plans.

What is your cancellation policy?

We recommend that you buy cancellation insurance if you have concerns about not being able to travel. That will enable you to cover your airplane ticket costs in addition to the cost of the villa. If you alert us that you cannot travel, we will do our best to re-book the villa for those dates. If we can do so for the same sum, we will hold a $250 US administrative fee and refund to you the remainder.