Teddy's Mini Tour

Up the Black River and The Pelican Bar.

Captain Tagga has a small boat that can carry up to 12 people including the Captain and a cooler. Combo trips usually are $30.00 a person plus a little tip at the end and maybe a cool beer or spliff for the Captain.

You will have the time of your life. Get an early start and head out to Pelican Bar first and enjoy that. Then on the way back head up the Black River to have a great guided eco-tourism cruise.

Experience the egret bird nesting area ( or as the crocodiles like to call it the carry out on a stick) area. Feed the crocodiles with some chicken or leftover fish parts. Be kind though... don't tease them or feed them bad stuff.

Check out the underwater gardens and you will be amazed how clear the water really is.

Reach out to Tagga at 876-533-3787 and tell him Paintah sent you.